The "A" line security pad can be used to secure computers, AV equipment, office quipment, scanners, etc. Available with up to (2) two, 3 foot long, 1/4" dia. cables or securing monitors or peripherals. No drilling required, adhesively attach to the work surface. Available in (2) two sizes.

15" x 16" security pad
LPIA-1: w/one security cable
LPIA-2: w/two security cables

15" x 16" security pad
SPIA-1: w/one security cable
SPIA-2: w/two security cables

The "A" line security pad was developed to be user friendly. A steel, adhesive base can be attached to any work surface. The heavy-duty steel mounting plate interlocks and slides onto the adhesive base. It would take up to five tons of sheer pressure to remove equipment from a desk or table top.

Prevent computer theft with desktop locks, laptop cables and mobile security cabinets.