Security Pads can be used for computers, printers, typewriters, scanners, fax machines, VCR's microwave ovens or any other equipment you want secured. No drilling required, adhesively attaches to the work surface. When ordering, specify make and model number of equipment to be secured. Available in a variety of sizes.

15" x 16" Security Pad
Weight 22 pounds

11" x 12" Security Pad
Weight 11 pounds

7" x 9" Security Pad
Weight 7 pounds

Compu-Gard Security Pads provide positive attachment to desks or other furniture. A pressure- sensitive pad mounted to your work-surface holds a rugged, locking steel swivel plate secured to the computer or other piece of equipment. It takes three tons of brute force to peel a computer from a Compu-Gard Security Pad. Thieves can't muscle the equipment off; however, its rightful owner can remove it. The built-in removal system allows for easy removal with absolutely no damage to the surface.

Prevent computer theft with desktop locks, laptop cables and mobile security cabinets.