Compu-Gard, Inc., the leading manufacturer of security products for computers and other valuable equipment, is proud to announce the addition of a new and innovative solution to prevent portable computer theft: the Lap-Gard. The Lap-Gard's heavy-duty steel construction allows extended or overnight securing.
The Lap-Gard does not require any attachments to and will not mar your portable in anyway. A pick-resistant, tubular keyed, barrel lock secures your portable in place. The Lap-Gard is attached to the work surface using a high-strength foam adhesive that will not cause any damage to your desktop. The attractive, dark-gray, powder coated finish of this product is durable and blends well with your portable. The Lap-Gard is sized to fit all makes and models. The Lap-Gard allows easy access to you, the authorized user. With the simple turn of a key, the user is able to open the device, open your notebook or laptop and work in place. There are no removable parts, no gluing, and no cables. This product will let you secure your portable in a matter of seconds and provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing it will be there when you return.

The Note-Gard/S is a laptop and notebook security product that utilizes a built-in security slot on many new portables. A clip is inserted into the micro security slot. A five-foot long, aircraft cable is then attached to the clip using a small padlock. This product is offered as an alternative to the standard Note- Gard for makes and models which include the built-in security slot. Includes a nylon pouch for easy storage in a briefcase, desk, etc. When ordering please specify make and model of the portable computer.

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